The Public Higher Medical Professional School in Opole

The Public Higher Medical Professional School in Opole is a university educating in medical professions at undergraduate courses (I degree) such as nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and cosmetology, and graduate courses (II degree) at physiotherapy and nursing. The mission of the university is to educate students of medical profile in compliance with ethical, social, legal and moral standards, to promote scientific and research development, and to disseminate medical knowledge among the general public.

Students are offered good conditions for education and development, as well as scholarships for the best ones, social scholarships, including scholarships for the disabled and grants for those most in need. Students of the first years of study can also benefit from the Bridge Scholarship Program in the amount reaching PLN 5,000.

The convenience of studying at our university is an undoubted advantage. The unique climate and student atmosphere of this place results from the proximity of the dormitory, which is located directly at the didactic rooms, and the canteen operating in the university, as well as the compact and friendly campus. We want the studying young people to be able to also develop their other interests – that is why there is a large number of operating student scientific circles and sports sections.

Our students have access to a well-stocked library, dormitory, training rooms and laboratories for practical classes, equipped with modern devices, a gym and sports activities offered there. The excellent quality of education at the university is confirmed each year by the high position of students in the scientific ministerial rankings and the scoring granted under the scholarships of the Mayor of the City of Opole.

The Public Higher Medical Professional School in Opole, the only school in Poland with such a specialized profile, conducts numerous studies in the field of health sciences, contributing to the increase of knowledge, as well as the introduction of new therapeutic techniques. The topic of one of the recent scientific works of the university is focused on proving for the first time in the world that massage helps to increase blood circulation in the massaged tissue, which in turn accelerates regeneration.

We also conduct research on the rate of aging, causes of male infertility, factors that disrupt liver function, treatment of lymphedema and bedsores, as well as the social aspects concerning elderly care, psychological burdens of staff, or development of self-awareness of the society in terms of lifestyle and nutrition. Research activities involve among others professional athletes, patients, healthy people, students, scientific and medical staff.

The results, published in prestigious scientific journals, contribute to more effective treatment, more effective prevention and health improvement not only in Opole voivodeship, but also throughout the country and around the world. Our university focuses on young and committed people, giving them a good start in scientific careers. This fact is confirmed by the large number of laureates of the highest academic scholarships awarded in Poland and the great scientific achievements of the school.

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