Opole University

Opole University consists of eight resilient departments cooperating with other units of the university, which together form a dynamic, modern and versatile scientific and didactic institution.

Opole University was established in 1994 by merger of the leading pedagogical university in the country, i.e. the Higher Pedagogical College with Opole branch of the Catholic University of Lublin.

The university has a huge scientific potential, which is mainly made up of the minds of its titled staff and the multitude of specialized laboratories, information and media centres, as well as impressive library resources.

We conduct research at the highest scientific level, exploring the hitherto unknown nooks and crannies of knowledge. If you want to search for the origins of the dinosaurs, explore the flora and fauna of the Asian countries, discover new species, research and develop neural networks and, finally, work on the energy of the future in the form of nuclear fusion, you will certainly find something for you at our university. Our scientists are exploring subatomic particles but also the beginnings of the Polish state, they are defining the concept of infinity, at the same time saving the contaminated environment with bacteria.

If you have some ideas for interesting research, you want to pursue your passions and develop your career, we encourage you to study at Opole University. Opole University constantly expands and enriches its educational offer, establishes cooperation with domestic and foreign research centres and businesses, offers dual courses of study (theory at the university, paid apprenticeship in a company), offers the Europe Master study program (where you can get a diploma of three universities: in Opole, Dijon and Mainz within one study program), sends students to foreign apprenticeship and exchange (Erasmus), gives them scholarships and the opportunity to pursue their passion in the student council, scientific circles, in the area of culture, entertainment, sports.

Owing to the very rich list of programs (now 46) and majors (146) offered by Opole University, there is no way not to choose the ones that meet even the most sophisticated expectations. Opole offers comprehensive and in depth education.

Striving to implement its vision, the University is building its position as an innovative, culturally diverse academic centre which is an important link in the international debate on the problems of modern science and its applications. At the same time, it intends to participate in national and international research network more actively, which makes it unique in the city, region and country.

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