The first year of studies is the time where you get to know the new environment and you draw from the experience and achievements of the previous years of education. Many of you have already got outstanding achievements in science. You are distinguished by a high level of expertise and commitment. The program of scholarships for contest finalists is directed to school pupils from Opole, participants of the third, central stage of subject contests who will start their studies at one of the universities in Opole. In addition to the scholarship from the city during the first year of study (up to PLN 500 per month), the student will implement a comprehensive program of scientific development at his/her university for the entire period of study. It is based on an individual curriculum, providing a tutor, an additional language course and other facilitations. Your effort put in the participation in the central stage of the contest guarantees you the best conditions of study and entry into the world of science at the highest level.