There are over 500 PhD students at the universities in Opole. They pursue their scientific passions at 10 programs of 3rd degree studies (i.e. doctorate studies). These young scientists not only attend their classes. The also teach younger colleagues, conducting didactic classes with students. They carry out research, obtain grants, participate in national and international scientific conferences. They cooperate with entrepreneurs. They develop technology. They explore the city and the region, its history and social relationships. Their actions promote Opole – they are excellent ambassadors of its academic and scientific spirit.

A scholarship program is prepared for the best PhD students. They can receive a scholarship amounting up to PLN 1,000 per month for 9 months of the academic year, twice during the PhD studies. The program is addressed to those PhD students of Opole universities who have outstanding scientific achievements, i.a. publications in scientific journals, speeches at conferences or participation in programs, projects and research grants.