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Student organizations – Opole Campus

Student organizations

The academic character of the city is enhanced by student organizations that develop interests in an diverse and active way by carrying out interesting projects. When studying in Opole, it is hard not to come across their activity, so it is also worth joining them.

The student organizations include student governments that safeguard rights and fulfillment of obligations of students at universities, they act as student affairs spokesmen before university authorities and organize events for students and residents of Opole. If you want to get involved in their activities, do not hesitate to read the websites of student governments:
Opole University, Opole University of Technology and the Public Higher Medical Professional School in Opole

If you love the media and you would like to develop your skills in this field, our students media are a great hotbed for young journalists and a great way to follow the latest university news. The leaders among these are as follows: Emiter Radio, Sygnały Radio, „Seta” TV and Gazeta Studencka magazine.

We encourage those who are fans of sports and would like to be bound with sports even closer to cooperate with academic sports associations, e.g. the sports association of Opole University of Technology and the sports association of Opole University. Scientific circles are the best places to develop your scientific passions and ambitions.

This is where some scientists who are now the leading experts in their fields often began their careers. If the lectures in your curriculum are not enough, scientific circles operating in each department of each university are at your disposal. We are not going to list them here because there are hundreds of circles and you can find them in every university and its faculties.